The adjustable length folding stock for the H&K MP5 and MP5SD has six positions to allow for maximum comfort and positioning for shooters of all sizes. This stock is offset so that shooters can use a closed face shield, and the base can be angled 20 degrees to ensure body contact with the use of a ballistic vest.

  • Manufacturer: B&T (Brugger & Thomet)
  • Platform: MP5, MP5SD
  • Material: Polymer
  • Type: Folding Stock

HollowTrail Armory supplies the finest in Swiss made quality B&T parts.

**NFA compliance is the responsibility of firearm owners.

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B&T foldable/length adjustable helmet stock for MP5, MP5SD

  • Brand: B&T
  • Product Code: BT-20156
  • Availability: Item Not Stocked - 8-12 weeks
  • $449.33